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Guests' page
Okay, I've been receiving some fan artworks and comics from regular readers recently, and since I don't think it's appropriate to post them in the updates, I've created a page especially for these people. Feel free to submit any fanworks (Preferably send them to Deena, since she's handling the guests' submissions. I still accept submissions, but I might upload them a little slower.)

Legends: [C] = Comic
[A] = Art

Note: Right now there is no thumbnails. I'll get them done when I have the time.

Chern [C]
Aimi Kirono [C]
Neokittae [A]
Buddha The God [C]
Bika-Chan [A]
Arath [C]
X3R0 [C]

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All guestworks in this page is © 2003 the respective authors. If you want to use the images here, you'll have the ask them.
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