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Friday 16 July 2004
ACK! I haven't updated this site in 2 months. >_<; I'm terribly sorry to everyone who has been visiting this site for nothing all this time. I forgot to mention I have a new site, combining Phoenix and Animenifesto comics together and as a personal artsite. So if you're looking for latest stuffs, you can either visit the DeviantArt page or the new site, Laksapedia.

That pretty much explains everything, since I'm moving there, all my updates will be made there. So this would be the last update for this site. UNLESS I failed the Phase 2 and lose my xepher site, I'll come back to updating here. New pages for the comics will be uploaded to Laksapedia.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can screw my lazyness if you like. XD

December 7th, 2003
This box is probably just gonna be Yoru's rants for awhile. Good luck to Deeni with the anime club :D! I'll try and snag some pictures from her every once in awhile :B Todays pic is from my friend Kyr :D It's of Deeni yay! He's gonna draw more :B :::Gnaws on Kyr.::: And I'll bug Zacc to make him remember to update this week XB :::Gnaws on Zacc.::: On a random note, FFX-2 kicks butt! Go play it :D Peoples need to send me art so I don't have to draw as much ;_; A lotta of pics from me can begin to look very old after awhile XD; Some of my friends are gonna work on pics like Kyr is, but it'd be nice if the fans helped out as well! <--That's my email :D Send away!

November 29th, 2003
Yay :D I finally get to update the BOX. ~Dundundun!~ Anyhows. Since Deeni is pretteh busy lately, I'll be working hard to update >O! Huwha. I updated for all this weekend =D! Go me XD Everyone gets a special treat for friday 'cause we both updated X3 How exciiitiingg :D Heartheartheart. If anyone has any fanart or stuffies, you can email me or Deeni :D I'm at minuitmitsukai[at]yahoo[dot]fr and Deeni is at majikalphairee[at]aol[dot]com. Replace the [at] and [dot] with their respected symbols :D And if you want, you can email me for the heck of it XD Be warned! I am incredibly boring XD Yay! X3; :::Dance!:::

And happy birthday to Zacc! :3 :::Cling!:::

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